Friday, 30 December 2011

UFC 141 - Lesnar vs Overeem

UFC 141 takes place tonight. Lesnar vs Overeem are fighting in the octagon and this will be a great fight. When fighters from two different fighting backgrounds come together it is usually a great fight to watch.

Brock Lesnar comes from a wrestling background. He was WWE champion and although the WWE is fake, there is nothing fake about being able to give The Big Show an F5, especially when he weighs 500 lbs. Brock Lesnar has been wrestling since he was 5 years old and also has been a bare knuckle fighter in his younger days. His style of fighting is to take his opponent to the floor and try to knock them out from there. Lesnar has received a lot of criticism from UFC fans on his standing game, and many people say Lesnar can not take a punch well.

Overeem is the favourite going into this fight. When Overeem was 19 years old he had been in as many fights as Lesnar has had now. Overeem has the fighting style of a hard hitting striker. He likes to fight standing and try and knock his opponent out with a hard punch. It will be interesting to see how he copes if Lesnar were to bring him to the ground. It will also be interesting to see how Lesnar will cope fighting against Overeem standing.

Before the fight earlier at a conference with fans and media Overeem said Lesnar will not get a chance to take him to the ground. Overeem is also confident of winning the fight in the first round. One thing is for sure, the fight will be very entertaining to watch. The fight takes place on the greatest stage of them all, in my opinion, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. The winner of this fight is expected to fight Junior dos Santos for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

My prediction for this one: Overeem


  1. I agree that Overeem has the edge but i've always been one for the underdog if you will. I will probably miss the match tho so please post results.

  2. My support goes to Overeem. Nice blog, +follow.

  3. I agree, Lesner will surely lose.

  4. Happy retirement to Brock Lesnar!

  5. Sorry, Brock, you're still awesome in my book!