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Wednesday, 22 August 2012


CA$H is one of my favourite movies of all time so I need to start my movie reviews off with it. It follows the story of an English gangster who has a briefcase with $600,000 in it. A young couple find themselves with the money and are faced with either keeping it, or trying to find the owner. Well, they decide to keep it and go on a massive spending spree, much to the anger of the rightful owner of the money who has found them (I wont post any spoilers!) The rest of the film is the guy faces taking the briefcase with $500,000 left and running, or trying to recover the full amount from the people. I think the film is great and the ending is excellent, I would strongly recommend this. There is a fair amount of comedy in the movie too so I think most people would enjoy it!

Here is the trailer:

New Blog Layout

I have decided to change my blog from doing WWE reviews to Movie reccommendations, I do not have the time to watch raw every week now that is is 3 hours every show, and I am a big movie fan so I will now be sharing my favourite movies on here! Watch this space...

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Returning to blogging...again

So my laptop broke recently, and I have been in hospital for weeks getting surgery done on both of my lungs. But now I am "home recovering" I am going to start blogging as much as I can again.

WWE thoughts to come, watch this space...

Friday, 15 June 2012

Vince McMahon is back!

Vince McMahon is back in WWE. In my opinion he will fire 'Big Johnny' and Johnny will kill him (in the story line) meaning Johnny will go over as a super-heal and become the new Mr.McMahon hated heal from the attitude era. Thoughts?

many more posts to come!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

No more college!!

As of today I am officially finished college until September, when I will start my third year. Feels good to have so long off to reward all my hard work from this year ;) Hope you have an awesome summer guys

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Guess Who's Back?

Apologies to anyone who actually reads my blogs, as I am well aware that I haven't done one for a very long time. I have been waaay busy with college work and come Wednesday I will be finished until September! And I will be writing a new blog post every day during my summer that I can.

The WWE reviews will be back again too!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Physio Therapy Sucks!

So i recently got out of my sling but been going through hell 4 times per day doing dammed physio therapy exercises! It was a good few weeks being off though, made my way through 5 seasons of CSI. Wrestlemania card looks great and I will be returning to daily posts again soon, I have so much college work to catch up on!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Out my sling on Friday!

First off I apologise for my strong lack of posts recently, It was a lot of effort while in my sling to sit on my computer and type with 1 left hand so I decided to give it a break for a few weeks I was in the sling. Anyway, my shoulder feels a lot better now and although I have been at home pretty much everyday since being in my sling I'm looking forward to going back to college and getting things back to normal! I have been off college for 4 weeks so I will have a lot of catching up to do when I go back! On another note I can't wait for Wrestlemania to see Cena vs Rock and will be doing a post on the behind the scenes hatred they have soon...

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Updates from Gazman

So i got my shoulder surgery on Friday. Currently in a sling for 4 weeks :( I had a dislocated bicep tendon and they have relocated it with a screw, somehow. So I will do my best to keep my blog active for the next 4 weeks while using 1 arm! hopefully the pain wears off in a few days.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Undertaker Returns!!

So as some of you may know (most probably wont) the Undertaker returned on RAW this week! This is great news, He is in my opinion the greatest wrestler in the business there is and I will be sad to see him retire after this years Wrestlemania. For those of you who don't watch WWE, Undertaker is 19-0 at Wrestlemania. That is the best streak of that kind the business has ever seen. He wrestled Triple H at last years Wrestlemania and it was one of the best matches I have saw since the old attitude era. On his return this week he challenged Triple H to fight at Wrestlemania again this year, although HHH walked away.

I think in the coming weeks Triple H will accept, and we will see Undertaker take on Triple H for the 3rd time at Wrestlemania. I would love to see Undertaker go 20-0 at Wrestlemania before he retires. Also Sorry I haven't been doing reviews of RAW lately (if you even read them..ha) I have been so busy with college work lately! 

Friday, 27 January 2012

Man lies underneath train!?

I was watching this video that I came across on YouTube when boredom struck, A lot of the things in this video are amazing and you should check it out, but Be sure to watch the video from 3.27 seconds in. Did that guy really just lie underneath a train? Why would he even risk his life doing that? That is awesome though!

Kind of reminds me of one of my favorite movie scenes of all time, from the movie "Stand by me." I have always thought this scene from the movie was one of the best I have ever seen. 

What is you favorite movie scene?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Man shot with tazer gun?

So I was watching the video I posted a while back, the Hooters Kiss one. And I thought I would check out some of the other videos that were posted incase there were others like that because I thought it was funny as hell. I came across this music video he has done that you should check out, it is pretty funny. Does he really take getting shot by a tazer gun for this music video? That looks sore at the end!

Monday, 23 January 2012

UFC 143 - Pre fight build-up

Watching this has made me really excited for UFC 143. I really hope that Nick Diaz wins, I really like the diaz brothers, however I do have a lot of respect for Condit too. I am sure this will be a great fight and I predict that it will be a long, hard fight with cardio coming into play. That is of course if Diaz can keep his chin away from Condit's knee! I personally think Condit will win, but I want to see Diaz win.

Who do you think will win, if you follow UFC?

Friday, 20 January 2012

What is your favorite type of beer?

For me, the best beer has got to be a cold bottle of Budweiser. It is 5% and has a good strong taste off it. I also really enjoy Becks, but Budweiser has to be my personal favorite. I love just chilling with a bottle of Bud.

What are you favourite beers? or Lagers and Ciders if you prefer to drink them? I find many American people tend to drink ''lite'' beers for some reason, though I find these to be a lot less strong in taste.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Just Some Updates

In other news, my brother deleted the recording of this weeks WWE RAW from my TV planner.

So my review of this weeks RAW will not be up until Friday, when the replay is shown, Apologies people.

Also I am really looking forward to UFC 143. I thought Nick Diaz was really good at 141 and I hope he can carry on that performance into 143. He is one of my favourite UFC fighters, although I am not so keen on his brother. I will be doing a review of UFC 143 and will also be doing pre-fight thoughts, for all you UFC fans on here.

Real Madrid v Barcelona

El classico in the cup tonight! I am looking forward to this game. Both teams are very fast paced and there is likely to be a lot of goals scored. I am not sure who i think will win this game because although real Madrid are top of theleague, this is in the cup and in a derby game like this anything can happen. I just hope it is a fun game to watch!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

100 ft underground tunnel for cash machine?

Thieves dig tunnel to steal a cash machine in Manchester.

A 100 ft underground tunnel was built in manchester over a period of 6 months to steal a cash machine. The thieves used machinery to cut through 15 inches of concrete to steal the money from Fallowfield Shopping Precinct. The tunnel started from a railway embankment and went underneath a car park and under the store.

Looks like somebody has been watching too much Oceans 11!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Hooters anyone?

I came across this video on YouTube yesterday and thought it was amazing. First things first how is it possible to drink a beer that fast!? All I know is I have got to learn how to do it then head to hooters and try this! haha.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

WWE RAW Review January 9

(Post is in the comments section due to it not letting me post it all here for some reason)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Are you a lazy student?

Since college has started back for me I thought that posting some of these would be appropriate. I can relate to all of them, and if you can too, you are awesome. Now I am off to watch WWE RAW from last night!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Back to College

Today was my first day back at college today after 5 glorious weeks off. The first day back is always the hardest to get up especially since my sleeping pattern was to fall asleep at 4am and wake up at 1pm! It wasn't all bad though because I was home after 3 hours of going in haha. In other news tonight's RAW review will be up tomorrow!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pulp Fiction

So I just watched the movie ''Pulp Fiction'' for the second time, and I forgot how good that movie is. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend that you go watch it now. Probably is the best film I have ever seen! Does anyone have any recommendations of other movies like this I should watch!?

Saturday, 7 January 2012

WWE Raw - 2nd January

I will not be reviewing everything that happened in my RAW Reviews however I will talk over a few key points in each episode.

Well first off I will start by talking about the return of Chris Jericho. I think it is great that he has returned. He has been away for over a year on tour with his band Fozzy. He looked excited to be back and spent over 5 minutes just running around the ring giving fans high fives. Although he didn't come on the microphone and speak, I think his return was very good because it keeps some excitement over what he is going to do on his return.

As for Kane I thought it was done very well. Kane has recently returned back to WWE but this time he returned with his mask on (the first time since June 2002). On this raw Kane was supposed to be participating in a 3v3 tag team match, The General Manager came down and said that Kane would not be competing and the match would be a 3v2 handicap match. After the match Kane breaks through the surface of the ring and appears from underneath it. He suffocates Cena until he passed out. Kane then tries to pull Ryder down the hole he made from bursting through the ring. Cena then runs in the ring and saves Ryder from getting pulled down. Kane vanishes down the hole in the ring and a large burst of flame shoots up from the hole. Cena and Ryder look on in shock. I thought this was very interesting because Kane has been fueding with Cena and he decided to go for Ryder. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks. (continued in comment section below......)

Friday, 6 January 2012

WWE Reviews

So I have decided that every week I will be doing a review on the WWE Raw and Smackdown which shows that week. I have been a wrestling fan for as long as I can remember and think it would be a cool thing to do. I will be posting my review of this weeks raw later tonight!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Update on my Shoulder

Well today I was supposed to get the results back for my shoulder scan but this morning they phoned me and said that they don't have them yet and I will have to come in tomorrow. I was disapointed however it meant I didn't have to go to the hospital so I could enjoy my last few days off before winter break is over and I start back at college. It is my cousins 22nd birthday today and my gran is taking us all out for a meal to celebrate. Who knows what Frankie & Bennys is? More so my UK followers I would imagine. They do the best chicken wings I have ever had!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

No Stranger to Needles..

So today I was injected again! as some of you know a few days ago I had a scan on my shoulder, before this though I had to get dye injected into it. The story is posted on my blog about it if you want to read more. But today I was at the dentist for what I thought would be a routine check-up. Turns out that under one of my fillings a bit of food got stuck underneath and he had to drill out the filling and re-fill it! Before he done this I was injected twice in my gums near the tooth and once on the cheek inside my mouth. My mouth was numb for about 4 hours after it. After the dentist I decided to go for a haircut since the end of the holidays are coming up and it's fair to say I had a hard time having a conversation with her with half of my face numb!

Tomorrow I get the results of my shoulder scan, So until then all the best!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My Shoulder Injury

So today I was at the hospital getting an MRI scan done on my right shoulder. 4 Months ago when I was bench-pressing I felt my shoulder tear as i tried to put the barbell back on its rack. Since then my right arm has been completely useless and the motion of it is limited. Before the scan my shoulder was injected with dye that would show any tears in my shoulder joint. After this I had to get the actual MRI scan done. I was lying down in a tube with my shoulder covered by a scanner, and had to lie perfectly still for 40 minutes while they took some scans. I was allowed to listen to some music while I was getting the scan done but I must say the choices were very poor. I ended up listening to Snow Patrol, who are OK but wouldn't have been my first choice. Anyway I have to go back to the hospital on Friday to get my results so I will keep you all posted on how it goes!

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Well first things first Happy New Year to all my followers! Last night I didn't go out on New Years Eve. I stayed up the night before till 6am to watch the Lesnar UFC 141 fight and i was too tired to go out. So i stayed at home with the family and watched some TV. I was supposed to be going to my Aunties house for a meal today but my Uncle got sick, we ended up just staying at home having a meal ourselfs. Steak Pie, potatoes, mixed vegetables and sausages goes down well on New Years Day. What did you all get up to last night?