Saturday, 31 December 2011

Brock Lesnar Retired

First things first, I dont want to brag but my prediction of Overeem to win came true, But he was the favourite and Lesnar did have a hard time coming up against such a hard hitting veteran.

I stayed up till 6am to watch the fight live. I thought from the very start Overeem controlled Lesnar and was going to win comfortable. Lesnar had a few attempts to bring Overeem down to the ground where I think Lesnar would have dominated, however Overeem avoided this and won the fight. Brock Lesnar had surgery near his abdominals and Overeem kept connecting with blows to the mid-section of Lesnar. The force of the shin to his liver was enough to knock Brock down and earn a Knock Out Victory.

After the fight Lesnar announced that he was going to retire from UFC due to a promise he made to his wife and kids. Where next for Lesnar? I hope to see him back in the WWE one day, however I am sure he will enjoy a few months at home with his family enjoying the money he earned from UFC 141.

Friday, 30 December 2011

UFC 141 - Lesnar vs Overeem

UFC 141 takes place tonight. Lesnar vs Overeem are fighting in the octagon and this will be a great fight. When fighters from two different fighting backgrounds come together it is usually a great fight to watch.

Brock Lesnar comes from a wrestling background. He was WWE champion and although the WWE is fake, there is nothing fake about being able to give The Big Show an F5, especially when he weighs 500 lbs. Brock Lesnar has been wrestling since he was 5 years old and also has been a bare knuckle fighter in his younger days. His style of fighting is to take his opponent to the floor and try to knock them out from there. Lesnar has received a lot of criticism from UFC fans on his standing game, and many people say Lesnar can not take a punch well.

Overeem is the favourite going into this fight. When Overeem was 19 years old he had been in as many fights as Lesnar has had now. Overeem has the fighting style of a hard hitting striker. He likes to fight standing and try and knock his opponent out with a hard punch. It will be interesting to see how he copes if Lesnar were to bring him to the ground. It will also be interesting to see how Lesnar will cope fighting against Overeem standing.

Before the fight earlier at a conference with fans and media Overeem said Lesnar will not get a chance to take him to the ground. Overeem is also confident of winning the fight in the first round. One thing is for sure, the fight will be very entertaining to watch. The fight takes place on the greatest stage of them all, in my opinion, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. The winner of this fight is expected to fight Junior dos Santos for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

My prediction for this one: Overeem

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Roulette Martingale Strategy

I will start off this post by saying that in the game of roulette there is no gauranteed strategy to win, ever. This is why the casinos love it. It is a game of pure luck. There are ways to reduce your chances of losing by covering as much of the board as possible but this will mean smaller winnings in return for a bigger loss.

One strategy I came across when I used to visit the casino and play virtual roulette online and in the bookmakers was the Martingale strategy. This strategy I found very interesting. Basically what the strategy involves is, betting an evens shot such as red/black, odd/even. Take your stake and bet it on these evens shots. If the bet doesnt come up simply double your stake. Keep doubling your stake until you get a winner and you will not have lost money.

Say you bet 20 on red and it won. Bet 20 on black in the next bet and if it wins you are 40 up now. Then start again with 20 and keep betting it if your bets lose until you could be betting 400 just to break even. Sooner or later you will get a winner at evens (Hopefully!)

The flaws in this system however is the fact that tables have a minimum and maximum bet allowance. This means that if you are really unlucky when trying it you may only get about 8 bad spins until you have bet the maximum stake allowed meaning you will lose A LOT. Especially in comparison to the small amounts of winnings.

Modern Warfare 3

Well here goes my first post! The topic of discussion in my posts will vary greatly from gaming, sports, gambling, music, college life etc etc. But for now i want to talk a bit about the new Call of Duty game.

This game has received a lot of different opinions on it. Some people I have spoken to tell me that it is the best game they have ever played. Meanwhile others tell me that it is the worst Call of Duty game to come out yet. What I have found is that the people who are more enthuastic gamers and have played a lot of different types of games will tell you that it is not good. Some of the claims are along the lines of "It is just an updated version of Modern Warfare 2 with new maps." Upon playing this for the first time yesterday I did know where they were coming from. The game had a strong resemblance to Modern Warfare 2, so strong that it could be argued it is just "Modern Warfare 2 with new maps."

Many people however also argue that Modern Warfare 3 is the best Call of Duty game yet. I haven't played the game enough to put forward a strong opinion, however i do agree that the game is very good. I like most of the maps so far and although there are some points of the game I dont understand as of yet (why do i keep dying when stealing an enemies care package!) I really enjoy playing it. The graphics are good and although they haven't been upgraded much from Modern Warfare 2, I still think it is one of the best Call of Duty games to come out. The way the guns have their own level judging by how much kills you get with it is something very new to the Call of Duty games, and I like it. The fact that I could use the same gun and have a gold camo on it when being only level 30 is excellent. Black Ops allowed things to simply be bought rather than unlocked, however I think in this game more effort needs to go into acquiring the cool stuff you want to unlock!

Overall I think the new game is Good and I would rate it 8/10. Call of Duty games are so good that I feel if they made significant changes to it many people would not like it and it would be a disaster for them. Why fix something that is not broken? However i do hear both sides of the argument and agree with different aspects of it! Well I hope you enjoyed reading my first post, and I am now off to play some Modern Warfare 3!