Saturday, 31 December 2011

Brock Lesnar Retired

First things first, I dont want to brag but my prediction of Overeem to win came true, But he was the favourite and Lesnar did have a hard time coming up against such a hard hitting veteran.

I stayed up till 6am to watch the fight live. I thought from the very start Overeem controlled Lesnar and was going to win comfortable. Lesnar had a few attempts to bring Overeem down to the ground where I think Lesnar would have dominated, however Overeem avoided this and won the fight. Brock Lesnar had surgery near his abdominals and Overeem kept connecting with blows to the mid-section of Lesnar. The force of the shin to his liver was enough to knock Brock down and earn a Knock Out Victory.

After the fight Lesnar announced that he was going to retire from UFC due to a promise he made to his wife and kids. Where next for Lesnar? I hope to see him back in the WWE one day, however I am sure he will enjoy a few months at home with his family enjoying the money he earned from UFC 141.


  1. That sucks... Brock was such a good fighter too!

  2. He was a truly good fighter. I still remember him getting annihilated bCain Velasqeuz

  3. Always a great feeling to be right about something ^^

  4. I don't know what to think about that, happening right after he lost.