Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Undertaker Returns!!

So as some of you may know (most probably wont) the Undertaker returned on RAW this week! This is great news, He is in my opinion the greatest wrestler in the business there is and I will be sad to see him retire after this years Wrestlemania. For those of you who don't watch WWE, Undertaker is 19-0 at Wrestlemania. That is the best streak of that kind the business has ever seen. He wrestled Triple H at last years Wrestlemania and it was one of the best matches I have saw since the old attitude era. On his return this week he challenged Triple H to fight at Wrestlemania again this year, although HHH walked away.

I think in the coming weeks Triple H will accept, and we will see Undertaker take on Triple H for the 3rd time at Wrestlemania. I would love to see Undertaker go 20-0 at Wrestlemania before he retires. Also Sorry I haven't been doing reviews of RAW lately (if you even read them..ha) I have been so busy with college work lately! 


  1. I remember hearing about that guy years ago, good for him to get back to it I guess.

  2. Undertaker is still wrestling? He must be getting on up there! I remember watching him when I was like 8 years old.

  3. Yeah him and HBK will always be two of the best around. I hope he goes 20-0 too.